My current body of work is a series of portraits, in which I impersonate female artists who inspire me. Part performance, part portraiture, part exploration of colour, I use bright oil paints with loose yet bold brushstrokes. This specific combination of mark-making is attempting to reflect my personality and culture within the portraits, although the main focus is the (real or false) enigma of the artist. Frida Kahlo de Rivera and Georgia O’Keeffe were, and still are, publically portrayed as being other or god-like. More widely, artists create work that seems to be removed from their personal lives and experiences, and yet the context of those experiences can colour the way their work is viewed by the audience. My work repeats an image of a contemporary female artist embodying an iconic (most often dead) female artist; retaining my own sense of self and artistic integrity, whilst paying homage to the legacy of those who came before me.

Identity can be formed by impersonating others around us, and I believe we see parts of ourselves in those we admire, as well as traits we hope to absorb or learn. Whether intentional or not, we mimic the quirks and characteristics of our idols which then ultimately becomes part of our own identity. We introduce aspects of their behaviour, intellectual concerns, cultural references and achievements to our own understanding of their work and, in turn, our own artistic influences.


Born, lives and works in Manchester, UK.


2015 – 2018        BA (Hons) Visual Art, University of Salford, Manchester
2014 – 2015        Art Foundation, Xaverian College, Manchester
2012 – 2014        Fine Art and Textiles, Xaverian College, Manchester


2018                   Degree show, New Adelphi, Salford
2016                    Level 4 Exhibition, Artwork Atelier, Salford
2015                    Foundation Exhibition, Xaverian College, Manchester


2018                   Clifford Whitworth Library Art Commissions, Clifford Whitworth Library, University Of Salford


2017                    Feature on The Createl:
2015                    Feature in the Xaverian College’s Online Magazine: